About Upwey Community Group

Our Mission Statement

Upwey Community Group (UCG) is a volunteer led community organization who aim to harness the collective assets and strengths of our township, and enrich the experience of all who live, work, and play in Upwey.

Our Values


We honour the views and thoughts of all our community


As volunteers we offer our skills and time for the improvement of Upwey, and for the benefit of its people


We understand that by working together, so much more can be achieved

Our Key Goals

To uplift the vibrancy and ambience of our town, while retaining and improving the village character.

To unite the residents, business people and wide variety of clubs, groups and organizations of Upwey, and demonstrate the advantages of working collectively.

To empower and support Working Groups who take on projects which benefit Upwey, and to facilitate sources of funding.

To enjoy and positively embrace working together with like-minded people.

Our Guiding Principles

Listening: UCG aims to seek and discuss ideas raised by residents and organisations directly and through public meetings, which has enabled our Community Plan. We listen and we care!

Linking: It's great connecting our town with Council, and our residents with Upwey's fantastic organisation and clubs. We also meet with other township groups across the Shire.

Launching: Many worthwhile groups, projects and events have been initiated.

Lobbying: An important role of UCG is to lobby Council and other government departments on issues specific to Upwey with a view to improve our township and secure a fair hearing.

Our Policies

Our commitment to community is important. UCG is a child-safe organisation which is reflected in our policies.

To view our policies click here.